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DSC Nutrition is unique in that the company is led by Dr Steven Compton (a PhD qualified scientist in Pharmacology, which is the study of drugs/compounds and how they work on the body) who has spent several years in academia both in the UK and North America).  He has an interest in Health & Sports nutrition not only as a scientist but also because he plays squash, cycles and goes to the gym.  

DSC Nutrition was born when he noted that many sports nutrition products contain ineffective and/or "filler" ingredients and that better products could be produced using research proven ingredients.

So DSC only sells supplements having proven scientific evidence showing they work. This means that the DSC range will be missing some supplements. For example we don't sell:

Bitter orange peel extract, also commonly found in preworkouts, as it is claimed it gives an effect similar to adrenaline.  The science shows this is not true, and if it was then you would get a buzz from orange juice or marmalade.


DSC has built a strong local trade here in the Portsmouth and Southampton area, as people can stop by and talk to us about the products we design.  This openess and transparency builds customer confidence. Also, we are not some large international company, we are a small local business aiming to provide our customers with informed choices, rather than baffling them with marketing mumbo jumbo.  Finally unlike others we actually source our own raw materials, doing the mixing and bottling of products on site, so we know exactly what goes into our products.


If you would like to know more about us, then drop us a line, either by email, post or phone us!

Tel: 02392 176446

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